I possess a rare mix of expertise and training in neuropsychological and emotion-focused mental health. My combined experience in private practice and as the clinical lead at the Medically Unexplained Symptoms Clinic has sharpened my ability to integrate this wide range of training into thorough, easily digestible, high quality assessments and treatment plans.

My fees vary according to the service requested.

Individual / Couples / Family Therapy
First appointments are normally 120 minutes and follow-up sessions are 60 minutes. One therapy hour consists of 50 minutes of direct contact and an additional 10 minutes to complete chart notes and records related to your care. Fees are $200 per Therapy Hour.

Neuropsychological / Psychological Assessment
The cost of an assessment varies according to how complicated it is and how much information / testing needs to be completed / reviewed. As an example, an average full neuropsychological evaluation costs $3500. However, in many cases a full evaluation is not needed and the cost can be substantially less.

What if I have insurance?
Psychological services are not covered by MSI (public health insurance in Nova Scotia). However private health insurance, which is often provided by your employer, usually covers some portion of the costs. Please contact your insurer to make sure you have coverage. You should also know that you are responsible for recovering these costs from your insurer as I do not direct bill. Most insurance companies are very quick to complete claims (within a week or two).